Flying Saucer x BABOON
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Flying Saucer x BABOON



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  • This is a limited edition item and will not be re-stocked. Look out for new colors coming soon!

    This metal sled is virtually indestructible and 100% un-steerable.


    Perfect for any type of snow — Bumpy snow, Chubby snow, Tracked Out snow, Champagne Powder snow, Concrete snow, Corduroy snow or Crust snow. It can also handle Groomers snow, Quadruple Pack snow, Wala Wala snow or Human Made snow. Oh yes, of course, Sticky snow, Powder snow, Slushy snow, Ironic Snow and Spring snow. Sometimes you’ll get Freshies snow or Untouched snow - it’s really good for that, too. Last but not least, Ice snow. Which is basically just ice. It is ice. This sled can handle ice.

    Size & Specs

    • Size: 26 inches in diameter
    • Weight: just under 6 pounds
    • Material: Metal
    • Limited edition, hand-painted logo
    • Handles: Rope

    Shipping & Returns

    • Currently shipping to the United States
    • No returns
    • Limited edition - get 'em while they're blazing hot
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