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Fun Bandana



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  • Description

    You text your best friend : “hey I want to show you something but it’s a surprise - tie a bandana around your eyes and wait.” You knock on their door 3 times and say the magic codeword. You sing Don’t Worry Be Happy as you drive a few miles outside the city to an empty parking lot, then you tell them to untie the bandana. The meteor shower is just starting and you both sit on the hood of your car wide-eyed with a bottle of wine and the bandana (this is really just about the bandana.)


    • Extra soft touch
    • Gets softer after each wash
    • Keeps dust out of mouth
    • Hair out of the way
    • Sweat out of the eyes
    • Also good for blowing noses
    • Spotting Go-Bags
    • Keeping track of friends
    • And hiding face for bank robberies (in the olden days)


    • Size: H 24 in x W 24 in
    • Details: 100% Cotton

    Shipping / Returns

    • Currently shipping to the United States
    • Flat rate $5 shipping, Free for orders over $50
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