Our product

BABOON TO THE MOON provides best-in-class adventure essentials. We use the highest-grade materials and stand behind our products. Our bags are meant to survive everything from the zombie apocalypse to that guy at the airport hurling your bag across the runway.

Our Values

Our mission is to promote adventure while trying not to destroy Mother Earth. We believe that fast fashion and cheap disposable purchases are BAD. Products should be high quality and last over time, so our bags come with a lifetime warranty.


Before BABOON TO THE MOON existed, we met extensively with our future factory owners and visited with their workers and artisans. We wanted to ensure that all factory and partners were fully audited and approved not to use child labor or unfair labor practices.

And, FUN

We at Baboon Mega Corp., Inc. believe that having fun is FUN. It's why we offer colorful bags and surreal prints. It's why you might find a dog dressed as an astronaut riding a salmon, or a smiley face screen saver on our site. So have fun, get lost, and accept the mystery. That's all for now – sayonara, wild heart.

To the Moon, BABOON.


screensaver ball