Adventure Reports:


Going out this weekend?

Cafe Erzulie is a great place to be perceived. It’s the paragon of effortless cool—so no heels here. Put on your baggiest pants and streetiest wear. Shop the flowers in the front like you’re a love interest in a movie, sit in their giant backyard making coy eye contact with a cutie. You never know when someone’s looking for their manic pixie dream person.

MTV Cribs: Bird Edition

“The Birdsong Project” is a collection of one-of-a-kind birdhouses designed by very famous and cool artists (Roman and Williams, Tom Sachs, Misha Kahn, Ellen Van Dusen) accompanied by birdsong-inspired original tunes by musicians like Beck, Bette Midler, Philip Glass, etc. The birds will also be enjoying their sick digs at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden until October 23. Good for them.

Luke Gilford Exhibition

What do we want? Cowboys. How do we want them? Gay!!! Luke Gilford’s National Anthem celebrates LGBTQ+ cowperson communities across the US. The collection of photos is a reimagining of traditional cowboy-dom, capturing probably the most basic tenet of American freedom: that you can be whoever the fuck you want. Opens at 204 Front St. in the Seaport on July 14.