Technical, Colorful Bags.


B2TM's mission is to make the world more colorful.

Baboon To The Moon believes in getting lost and staying curious. We're inspired by those who challenge the status quo and follow their passions, even if that means taking unexpected and unconventional paths. This is why our logo is a squiggly line called The Lost Arrow — to remind us to live a colorful life and to make the world more colorful.

Get Lost

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On Product:

01It has to be sustainable

(There is no moon without the earth. We make products that are intended to last a lifetime using sustainable and ethical materials and practices.)

02It has to be technical

(All bags come with a lifetime warranty. We design our products using best-in-class technical materials to keep up with adventures big and small. )

03It has to be colorful

(colorful bags inspire colorful adventures)