Really big text module that could be a title or some other kind of statement

A text module with small type that can be used for blurbs or other information tied to another piece of content, such as this photo above. Or really anything. These modules can also contain external links to things or even bold callouts about specific products or anything else you want to draw attention to.

A smaller text module that can be used for text or copy or messaging that is slightly too long to be really really big but still deserves some weight to it.

A text module that is does need some fussy margins. Forget what we said before. This is just too small to be used any other way. It is, however, helpful for captions or things of that nature that should be small.

A text module that is even smaller that can be used for full-on paragraphs, interviews, or any other long form copy that needs support on the site. As our site is mobile first, text modules span the full-width of the page. No fussy margins here, just lots of text. So much text. Text provides in opportunity for branded moments or a place to inject some sense of personality or tone into the website.