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Go-Bag — Big



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  • Description

    The ultimate travel duffle bag. Los Angeles to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Taipei, Taipei to Vietnam, and back. You’re going places, baby, and you need to fit at least one outfit per person you fall in love with. You’re traveling while traveling (look at you being so meta!), and the 60 liter duffle bag is big enough to pack a week’s worth of things but versatile enough to stash on the train, plane and blimp while blasting ABBA and eating pancakes.


    • 5+ day packing volume designed for week-long (or more) getaways
    • OM Stardust Ballistic shell material secured with alpine grade universal double stitch construction
    • Waterproof shell materials
    • Lockable zipper head closure
    • Detachable, adjustable, ergonomic fit shoulder straps
    • 4 pockets (2 internal mesh, 1 internal organization, 1 external stow)
    • Fits in most airline overhead bins


    • Size: 60 Liters / H 14in x W 22.75in x D 14in
    • Weight: 4.0 lbs
    • Details: Phthalate-free TPE fabric | 150D OM Stardust Polyester Lining
    • Warranty: Yes! Lifetime Warranty

    Shipping / Returns

    • Currently shipping to the United States
    • Free Shipping for all Go-Bags
    • Hassle-free 14-day return policy

    Size Guide

    More Go-Bags


    H 12.5in x W 20.5in x D 12.5in

    • 3+ Days

    • 45 Liters

    • 3.5 Lbs

    fits in all overhead bins

    perfect for weekend getaways

    we once used this bag as a bartering chip for a scooter when our car died with no cell service, and all we had to eat was pickle juice


    H 14in x W 22.75in x D 14in

    • 5+ Days

    • 60 Liters

    • 4 Lbs

    fits in most overhead bins

    perfect for week-long trips to your rich aunt's house in Malaga

    we once used this bag to smuggle 50 pounds of Bonsai trees from Kyoto along with 121 live grasshoppers

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