We are Baboon To The Moon.
We make colorful bags.

Always Durable: Made of the Highest-Performance Fabric

Always Flexible: Made to wear a bunch of different ways

Always Colorful: even or happy tears come out purple

Think about the first time you saw a Baboon to the Moon bag... Maybe you were at the airport when all of a sudden a Go Bag Mini in blue on its way to Madagascar caught your eye?

Or did you see someone carrying a Go-Tote Mega in orange in the checkout line at Wawa?

Or wait hold up — were we in your dreams last night??? Makes sense, we show up there a lot.

Now that you’re here, we want you to know that you’ve found our home but that we don’t really have a home. Home is where we sleep and the world is where we live. This is just a store. It’s where you go next that matters. So let’s have fun, get lost, and accept the mystery.

A brief (and incomplete) history of Baboon to the Moon:
2500 BC

Ancient man makes stonehenge the first travel destination. A few months later we realize carrying your stuff around the world probably will never be the same again.

We only have three rules here:

01It has to be sustainable

(Fast fashion is bad, mother nature is good.)

02It has to be quality

(Every bag has a lifetime warranty. The average lifetime expectancy for humans is 81.1 years.)

03It has to be fun

(A minimum of 139 heliowatts of fun guaranteed in each bag. This is untrue. Everyone who has ever tried knows that fun can’t possibly be measured.)

Jump in, we're going on an adventure.